The Great Giver

by Numbo

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released October 13, 2016

Troy Conn: guitar solos
Jeremy Rychard Snyder: everything else

Album art by Stefan Koekemoer

Note: The drone/noise section at the end of "Highway, Brother" is a mixdown of a segment of the last reel Grant Harding used on his analog tape machine.



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Numbo Charlotte, North Carolina

Songs from North Carolina.

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Track Name: Don't Let Me Drown, Great Giver
Don't let me drown
in the wide open sea
I still got a ways to go

Don't make me out as any worse than you
a plebeian devout

Long is the rope to divide outer space
it's really just a rope
and we trust you'll let it be
my daughter took my gun to college
she ran away

Rope around your neck
when a diamond was what you need
just let it taper off, oblivion seems fine
Don't kiss me girl, I only have eyes for weed

Hold me loosely; I don't want to die
but you know what I mean

Let's drink another; two bottles' not that bad
and you're all over me

Lord, save me now it's just dry open space

It's in your hands
Your dirty hands
Track Name: Carry The Ghost
For thought probiotic stimulation
it was just a book or a conversation
We were the widow's house
trash in the windows as decoration
Collapsing on your suitcase
As a means for acceptance
It's why you run to New York City
a wheat field of confused sailors

Three prong plug expectation
to free your mind form your gut and its microbes
dangled feet in pajamas, cocaine
not tonight, just smile goodbye

Send me a video
of you telling the truth
a thief for our betterment
you're such a good host
I wanted to be alone
before you intrude
Returned all my tools
Now I carry your ghost

Angle wired noise, confidence
provided by your dispensation
a pari of gloves, a mule
a boxer with no nerve endings in his fingers
the only compliment I heard
came from your honest art-speak
a child's penchant for inadvertent offense
but you were lucky to me

a mangrove of management
to get you to live
I gave you my lexicon
Thought you'd need it the most
A network of plebeians
telling you you're wrong
They'll never know that you hated them
So it's me who carry's your ghost

Maybe you figured out
What you needed most
tried but we couldn't see
It's you who carried the ghost
and now I wander the earth without a host
and no object for affection